01Jan, 2019

Least Interactive eLearning

A general perception among eLearning designers is that eLearning should be interactive. It should contain interactive functionality that involves learner, such as Click and Learn and Drag and Drop type interactivities. It should contain quiz questions that routinely check the learner’s understanding of the subject. If possible it should contain animations, video clips and, if possible, game-type situations, to get them excited.

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01Feb, 2019

How to Involve Managers in the Employee Learning Journey?

Which one of these is more important according to you: Upskilling a team member to facilitate his or her manager’s growth. or Upskilling a manager to facilitate his or her team’s growth.

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01Mar, 2019

How to Design Effective Mobile Onboarding Content?

According to the Allied Workforce Mobility Survey, companies lose 25% of employees within a year. According to, apps lose 77% of their active users in the first 3 days after installing.

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