• Learning is not an activity
    it is proof that
    We've moved up the evolution ladder
  • Online learning
    a huge evolutionary leap
  • Learning is not about knowledge
    it’s about the bottom line
  • Learning improves everything,
    including your profits

Practical Solutions

We, at PedaSys, are committed to providing practical, workable learning solutions to meet your corporate training requirements. We don’t offer spectacular technological or media solution that is going to sap your training budget. Our focus is more bang for each buck and we would be working hard to squeeze every training output out of your budget

One Stop Solution

We, at PedaSys, are experts in online learning. We will meet all your corporate training needs, be it building new eLearning with modern sensibilities or maintaining and updating legacy courses or working with you to design a fresh curriculum, PedaSys do would it all

Training Management & Administration

PedaSys has people with expertise in training administration and management. We can help you with consulting and co-ordinating from choosing your LMS to implementing new training programmes and using modern methodologies to make it more relevant to your needs. Come to us and you’ll never look back.

About US

  • PedaSys is an eLearning start-up company based out of Hyderabad. .

    Set up by three entrepreneurs with vast experience in eLearning, IT training, curriculum development, eCommerce and online retail.

    We provide the following services:

    Custom eLearning

    Blended Learning

    Mobile & Desktop Learning Solutions

    LMS Consulting, Implementation and Delivery

    Training Platform Design & Development

    eLearning Consulting

    Instructional Design & Development

What We Do

eLearning Development

We have people with years of experience in developing eLearning content, be it with instructional design, media development or simple production.

eLearning Consulting

We can look at your organisation’s L&D process and provide expert consulting on effective utilisation, curriculum design, training measurement and training implementation.


Translating eLearning is an important component for any L&D function.

Training Platform

We have Academy Platform, one of the most gamified and modern LMSes in the world. We can customise our LMS meets your organisational branding and functional needs and help roll out your training delivery in no time.

ID Consulting

Instructional Design is an evolving field. Every two years it reboots itself. Changes in technology landscape too is affecting the way ID is perceived. We can look at your current Instructional Design eco-system and help transform it to suit contemporary needs.


Millenials are entirely different set of people. They grew up in the most technologically advanced phase of human existence. Therefore they require entirly unique. We can provide solutions to this need.

Our Team

Sridhar Subramaniam
Project Director

Have over 15 years of experience developing online learning programmes and training platforms.

Vincent Surendar
Head – Marketing & Sales

A serial entrepreneur, Surendar has been setting up one successful business after other since the mid-nineties.

Renu Raheja
Chief Financial Officer

A meticulous and hardworking administrator, Renu is a number person in the company.


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