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What We Do

eLearning Development

We have people with years of experience in developing eLearning content, be it with instructional design, media development or simple production.

eLearning Consulting

We can look at your organisation’s L&D process and provide expert consulting on effective utilisation, curriculum design, training measurement and training implementation.


Translating eLearning is an important component for any L&D function.

Training Platform

We have Academy Platform, one of the most gamified and modern LMSes in the world. We can customise our LMS meets your organisational branding and functional needs and help roll out your training delivery in no time.

ID Consulting

Instructional Design is an evolving field. Every two years it reboots itself. Changes in technology landscape too is affecting the way ID is perceived. We can look at your current Instructional Design eco-system and help transform it to suit contemporary needs.


Millenials are entirely different set of people. They grew up in the most technologically advanced phase of human existence. Therefore they require entire approach to training. We can provide solutions to this need.

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