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Our Team

Sridhar Subramaniam
Project Director

Have over 15 years of experience developing online learning programmes and training platforms. Sridhar has been serving global customers in this field since 2002. Worked across the Indian cities, and Singapore and the UK. His eLearning programmes have won international awards such as eLearning Age and Brandon Hall.

Vincent Surendar
Head – Marketing & Sales

A serial entrepreneur, Surendar has been setting up one successful business after other since the mid-nineties. From investment plantations to IT training franchisee to non-banking finance to eCommerce, he has seen it all. A passionate and energetic soul, Surendar’s success can be directly attributed to his commitment to customer satisfaction and customer delight. He is now setting his foray into the eLearning market and is determined to shake up the industry, in his own way.

Renu Raheja
Chief Financial Officer

A meticulous and hardworking administrator, Renu is a number person in the company. She ensures that PedaSys Pro runs a tight ship, whilst ensuring that customer satisfaction is not compromised in the process. A person of high-integrity, Renu ensures that the customer's interests are never compromised in the pursuit of financial viability of a project.

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